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Certified Nurse Aide Program (CNA)

Nursing Assistant Program (CNA)

Gee's Career Training Institute Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program is a 130-hour high intensity program. Our program is designed to put you directly into a career as a Nursing Assistant, fully preparing you for your State Board Exam and giving you hands on experience by:

  1. Classroom Work: 60 hours of State approved curriculum you are provided with the tools to succeed.
  2. Skilled Labs: Our course includes 30 hours of hands on training.
  3. Clinical Work: We give our students 40 hours of real facility experience.

Our class sizes are small. No more than 12 students in each class to ensure personal attention. We offer a multi-media experience including text book, computer based, and video learning to provide our students with a high quality learning environment. The skilled labs provide our students with hands on work in a range of fields from recognizing and preventing abuse to monitoring vital signs and learning the documentation skills needed to work confidently in any situation. We use a variety of live models and teaching aides to provide a well rounded experience. Forty hours of supervised work in the field are keys to the success of our students. At the facility students do hands-on with patients under the supervision of RN to ensure that concepts taught in our classrooms are tested in a real world environment. Our school is licensed by the State of Virginia for Nursing Assistant Program.

As Nursing Assistant (CNA),you would assists nursing personnel with a variety of patient care activities and related services necessary in caring for the patients. These include; personal hygiene, takes vital signs and changes bed linen etc. CNA has knowledge of common used concepts, practices, and procedures within a scope of practise. If you have other concerns, please send us a message.